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“ I posted a Travis Scott AJ 1 and was pretty happy with the feedback I got about it. Instead of just receiving legit or fake, I got feedback on the stitching, soles of the shoe and etc, so that’s pretty dope. ”
Saud Rehman
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“ This app is very helpful when it comes to purchasing sneakers online. It can help you identify any flaws with any pair that you are purchasing and also give you feedback on the authenticity. It’s a great tool that will help make your online shopping/ buying and selling much easier and safer. ”
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ @ App Store
“ Super cool that I they gave me pointers on what was wrong with the sneaker instead of just saying legit or fake. The authenticators clearly put more time into thoroughly checking. More than satisfied :)”
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“ This is a great app. I legit use it all the time for reselling, especially on pairs I'm not familiar with. In terms of quality of the legit checks, this app is definitely better than the others 🇪🇦👍 ”
Diego Fungueirino
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